Friday, February 11, 2011

A Raisin in the Sun - Assessment

Lorraine Hansberry has written such a inspirational novel of a family living in poverty, through hard times, trying to become something better for themselves. When money gets to the man of the house's head, they end up losing it all. With such enticing scenes and an emotional plot, this book not only deserves five stars but should be taught in schools all around the world. Readers can really relate to the life that this family goes through which is why it grasps the readers attention with only the first page. This book is a great read and is well recommended.

A Raisin in the Sun - Summary

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry takes place during the aftermath of World War II. It essentially describes an African American family living in poverty, and the trials and tribulations they face. The first problem is that they live in an apartment way to small for them. There is over four people living in a one bedroom apartment. Walter, who is the man of the house, has an attitude of a leader. He believes that what he wants and what he thinks is right, is the way things should be. However this is not the case. After his father dies, his mother and his family await the arrival of a $10,000 dollar check. Walter has his own use for the money, but it belongs to his mother Lena and only she can decide what to do with it. In the end, Lena buys a house in which they are paid to move out because it is an all white neighborhood. Lena decides to give all the money to Walter hoping for him to do the right thing and save money for Beaneatha's, his sister, college fund. However he decides to invest all of it and the plan goes wrong. The person takes off with his money and his family, including himself, have to continue living life as poor as they were before.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lovely Bones - Assessment

The Lovely Bones is a very descriptive piece of literature that is more suitable for mature readers. This book captivates the reader in an emotional thrill ride and at times will have you not being able to put the book down. The way Alice depicts each scene and each character truly puts you in the place of the character and allows the reader to see things that they would.

The Lovely Bones - Summary

The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, is a very disturbing but intriguing story. A young girl named Susie Salmon gets raped and murdered by her neighbor Mr. Harvey which is discussed off the bat in the first chapter. The book is told in the perspective of Susie. Throughout the story Susie reflects on her life and watches over her family and her murderer Mr. Harvey and how he covers his tracks. Susie's father suspects that Mr. Harvey did kill his daughter. He reports it to the police but they didn't have any hard evidence that convinced him that he was the murderer. Susie's family starts to get tared apart. As the father gets more obsessed on proving Mr. Harvey to be the killer Susie's mother slowly drifts away and cheats on him with one of the detectives named Len. She later leaves him giving him all this guilt on him about his daughters death and his wife leaving. In the end Mr. Harvey in the act of trying to get another girl to murder an icicle falls and kills him.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Romeo and Juliet - Assessment

Romeo and Juliet is a truly heartfelt play that allows the reader to really feel the love and the strong bond between the two main characters. The fact that their love is forbidden and that they must keep it a secret only make for a more dramatic play. Readers who enjoy tragedies and exhilarating drama will definitely enjoy this play. Once again William Shakespeare has written another wonderful read that has been placed in the Hall of Fame of books.

Romeo and Juliet - Summary

Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is truly a classic love story. In this play, Romeo and Juliet have families who are enemies, so any love between them would not be accepted. This is what makes this play so enticing. In the beginning, Romeo is in love with a girl already but when Romeo attends a party at Juliet's house and sees Juliet, he automatically falls in love with her. And the feeling is mutual. So he secretly stays around her house climbing up to her window just so that he could protest his love for her. They decide to secretly get married but problems occur and Juliet has to fake her death just so that they can be left alone. However, Romeo is unaware of this and he ends up killing himself so that he can be with her. When she awakens she finds him dead next to her so she immediately kills herself. All because of a forbidden love.

Fences - Assessment

Fences is a captivating play, though the terms used in this play may not be suitable for every reader, it definitely defines how African Americans felt a while ago. Many of the characters and situations that happen in the play are things that can happen today so in a way this play opens the reader's eyes to the realities of life and the consequences that may follow. Overall readers can expect to enjoy a down to Earth play that is often used and taught in school's around the world.